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Oracle Suspended My Account

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In Aug 1, 2022 9:38:10 PM UTC, I got multiple emails from Sentry. Turns out there was a problem about connecting to the database.

Sentry logs

I immediately tried to connect my database using mongosh

$ mongosh "mongodb://<ip:port>"
Current Mongosh Log ID: 62e912234d9a6e5a02a45867
Connecting to:          mongodb://<credentials>@<ip:port>/<db>?directConnection=true&appName=mongosh+1.5.0
MongoServerSelectionError: connect ETIMEDOUT <ip:port>

Well, something was wrong.

I was using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) for this project. It was great, it has generous always free resources and UI is so great for me (basic).

I thought that I knew what the problem is because 5 hours ago, I migrated database from Oracle Autonomous Database for Mongo API (OAD) to self hosted Mongo database.


The reason for switch is OAD uses SQL behind and session limit is too low (I guess it's 20 session per 1 OCPU) and I was getting errors while using OAD about session limit being reached.

In OCI, I wasn't used most of my always free resources for Compute instances. So I created the most powerful always free resource Ampere A1 instance with 24GBs of RAM and 4 OCPU.

I installed Docker in it and created a mongo container. I created admin user, set up ports and add ingress rule in VCN and it worked. I was able to connect to database from mongosh.

For migration I used mongodump and mongorestore. It was approximately 25 min. process (database was huge mongodump archive was 1GB).

$ ls -l
-rwxrwx--- 1 batin batin 1G Aug  1 04:13 mongo_export.archive

And it worked... For 5 hours.

After dumping and restoring the database I changed some of database code and re-built the application. It was working, even faster. I committed changes and merged changes to main branch.

I used the web app like 2-3 hours and go back to sleep (in Turkey, time was ~23:00).

Inside OCI

Two hours later my phone rang... An email, from Sentry.

I get up, checked logs, tried to log in to database. After that, I logged in to OCI. Tried to check instance but an error popped up.

OCI error

Looks like I didn't have permission to view a resource I created 5 hours ago. That's great. Since I am the administrator, I should contact myself for help, right?

I check the requests that OCI Client makes to server and saw that I get 404 error with this response.

  "code": "NotAuthorizedOrNotFound",
  "message": "Authorization failed or requested resource not found."

I searched this error in search engine and saw that dozens of people also experienced this error. I logged in to Oracle Community (basically a support forum) and most of the threads left unanswered.

Answered ones are basically something like this:


Greetings of the day! Thank you for reaching out on Forum.

We would like to check further with more details, hence I we have dropped you a private message, kindly respond over it.

Thanks & regards!

[Name of support]

So I didn't get any useful information there.

Even one member has shared it's customer support (which is not available for Always Free users).

Customer support message

After viewing some of threads, I checked my tenancy settings and saw that my tenancy became inactive.

Inactive tenancy

Terms of Service

After viewing more threads, I came across an answer says that 'You probably violated Terms of Service.'. That's weird. I didn't violate TOS.

I read Terms of Service of OCI and in 9.3 they are clearly state that 'we will provide you with advance notice of any such suspension.'. I didn't get a warning, none of us get a warning. It's just shut down.

I also thought about maybe it's forbidden to deploy Mongo inside a Compute instance.

Nope, Oracle has multiple tutorials about deploying Mongo inside a Compute instance.

I am sure I didn't violate Terms of Service.

Now, my application doesn't work and I get lot's of emails from different services such as GitHub Actions, Sentry and more... Also I am looking for another cloud provider to host my database.

I actually liked OCI because it was easy and understandable. They had already covered everyting in their documentations and they were really helpful.

Well. I guess that's how Oracle works. After trial period ends they shut down random accounts that are using their 'Always Free (not for long)' services.

Update (Aug 3, 2022):

In Aug 2, 2022 around 09:00 PM UTC, I get a call from Oracle support.

They asked me about what happened and I told them. Support team added an engineer to phone call and they told me to open an SR (Service Request). But I didn't had permission to open an SR.

I also told them to I don't want to switch to a paid plan because of these unexpected account suspensions.

After phone call ended, I get back to sleep and next day I get an email from Oracle support. Email said that my account is reactivated. I logged in to OCI and it was reactivated indeed.

Right now, I am planning to deploy my database to my Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. I don't know how things will go with that but I want to try.


Here are some questions I want to clarify:

Q: Why are you using free resources in production?

A: I am student, in Turkey. I know that my database costs ~10$ on MongoDB Atlas or other providers but ~10$/month is too much for me (TRY/USD = 0.056).

Q: Does your database contains illegal stuff?

A: Nope.

Q: Did you create a thread in Oracle Community forum?

A: Yes. Support team sent me an PM and we continued from there.

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